2 October
Stonehenge Flake from Gregory Pease is available!

20 August
Samuel Gawith New: 4 Tinned Tobaccos

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What's NEW in Synjeco !!

New Gregory Pease

Stonehenge Flake

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Stonehenge Flake Tin


New Samuel Gawith Tobaccos

Samuel Gawith:
4 Tinned Tobaccos

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New SG Tins


- Bothy Flake
- Blck Forest
- Palace Gate
- Lakeland Dark


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To preserve the confidentiality and security of all our Customer's Data, we decided to avoid on-line transmission of Credit Card details. Please don't worry: we still accept Credit Cards, only the way is updated.
For more information please check out our Order Info page. If you are located in U.S. then check out also our Order Info for USA, with important information about the PACT-ACT.
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